Stress, Burnout…and Humble Pie



Stress, Burnout…and Humble Pie

Original Air Date
December 4, 2019

Dr. Scott Weinstein, Clinical Director of Florida Lawyers Assistance

The legal profession is fraught with pitfalls that can negatively impact a lawyer’s sense of well-being. While a small amount of stress can actually bolster one’s efficacy, too often we do not possess the tools needed to stop the continuing build-up of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can lead to questioning our career choices.

In this presentation, attorneys will:
1. Come to understand how to identify the sources of stress in their lives (both inside and outside) the practice of law.
2. Learn ways of how to manage stress before it leads to burnout
3. Identify signs of stress and burnout in colleagues
4. Increase their overall level of life satisfaction

Please Note: This CLE webinar is no longer available for CLE credit and is presented here for informational purposes only.

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