2022-23 YLD Yearbook

YLD Yearbook Team

Karina Rodrigues

Yineth Sanchez Aslan

Valeen Hyde

Altanese P. Phenelus

Affiliates, are you looking to contribute to the YLD Yearbook? Let us highlight your organization and share about the good work you are doing!

Option 1: Submit the necessary information via this form

Option 2:  E-mail the following information and materials regarding your organization to the YLD Communications Committee, Governor Karina Rodrigues, at yld@flayld.org:

1. Logo
2. Name
3. Number of members
4. Judicial circuit(s) you are from
5. Year founded
6. Website
7. Contact information
8. Social media handles
9. Up to 250 words about your organization. Feel free to mention things like the history of your organization, your mission, what makes your organization special, events you are especially proud to have hosted or to be hosting in the future, ways you have promoted what you stand for, etc. Please include the name of the author and their title within the organization
a. Examples can be found here (https://flayld.org/yld-yearbook-2021-22/)
10. 5 to 10 photos with captions