10 Questions With….

Florida Bar President-Elect Michael Higer

  1. What is your name? Michael Higer
  2. What is your current job? Berger Singerman
  3. What was your first job?  Fine Jacobson Schwartz Nash Block and England if you mean first lawyer job.  If you mean “first job,” then I worked at Ferris Groves selling juices and other refreshments.
  4. How do you do your best work?  I continuously organize and re-organize my thoughts.
  5. Any family? I am married to the love of my life, Bobbie.  We have two “children”—Samantha 27 and Adam 24.
  6. Any tips for balancing work and family?  Marry well.
  7. Any funny stories or teachable moments from when you were a brand-new lawyer?  There are so many and much too embarrassing to share in writing.  But suffice it to say, I had my fair share of less than perfect moments.
  8. Pet peeve or unprofessional behavior you have seen in the legal profession? The lack of simple kindness and understanding.  We tend to put too much importance on every detail and often ignore the human element in all that we do.  And when we put more emphasis on the dictates of a particular rule or deadline, we often forget the impact on our fellow lawyers, our clients, and the public we serve.
  9. Favorite way for a young lawyer to get involved? Find something you enjoy and you will continue doing it and doing it well.  If you are just doing something to go through the motions then you will never put into it what you should and will never get out of it what you would like.
  10. Best advice for young lawyers? It sounds trite and impossible to accomplish, but stay balanced.  The law requires an incredible time commitment.  You could literally work 24/7 and still not do everything that needs to be done.  So, you need to develop strong organizational skills to prioritize what you need to do and when you need to do it.  Otherwise, you will neglect all of the other important aspects of life—family, friends, entertainment, religion etc.  PS given that I am responding to this email on a Sunday morning after being on the road for two weeks does call into question my ability to practice what I preach.