10 Questions with…

President Elect-designate of The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Christian George

What is your name?
Christian George

What is your current job?
I am a partner at Akerman in the Jacksonville office. My practice is focused on a wide range of business litigation on behalf of companies and individuals.

What was your first job?
I worked at a surf and skate shop in Gulf Breeze, Florida called “Kai Surf Shop.” I miss driving my VW van and wearing sandals to work.

How do you do your best work?
Under pressure and in close collaboration with my clients.

Any family?
My lovely wife Whitney George and our two dogs, Bacchus and Webber.

Any tips for balancing work and family?
Family comes first. Put the phone down for a good while every night and enjoy that time with your family. Always have a day off planned at some point ahead, even if it’s three months in advance.

Any funny stories or teachable moments from when you were a brand-new lawyer?
I was sent to an ex parte hearing on my second day as a practicing lawyer for the mere purpose of scheduling a trial. I was armed with the precise number of copies of the proposed agreed-upon scheduling Order, as well as the envelopes required by the Judge’s Administrative Order. The Judge would not sign the Order because it was titled “Order” and not “Scheduling Order” or something similar. In summary, I lost my first hearing of my career, which was unopposed. I never made that mistake again.

Pet peeve or unprofessional behavior you have seen in the legal profession?
Lawyers who consider every deadline and every conversation an argument that needs to be won. Success in this business is not about us – it’s about our clients.

Favorite way for a young lawyer to get involved?
“Getting involved” can mean lots of things. There are numerous tons of organizations that want a lawyer’s guidance and involvement. Find something you are passionate about and enjoy.

Best advice for young lawyers?
Do not be afraid to reach out for help or advice from other lawyers, even if you are on your own. We have all been there.