Affiliate Outreach Conference (AOC) 2020 Double Dare Challenge

This year’s Affiliate Outreach Conference also brought our local affiliates together for a “Double Dare Challenge.” The Double Dare challenge mixed members of Affiliates from all over the state into about 5 or 6 teams comprised of between 5-7 people each. The teams were then tasked with navigating the resort property on an Amazing Race-style adventure to obtain and solve clues from various activity centers throughout the resort.

The winning teams were awarded credit towards a beverage of choice from the poolside bar! The challenge was that it was a great opportunity for affiliate members representing bar organizations from all over the state to bond and work together on a shared project.

The YLD also recognized the winners of the Double Dare challenge by making donations on their behalf to a local charity of their choosing. The YLD awarded $1000 to Beth Dillinger Nourish to Flourish Program and $500 to K9 Partners for Patriots.

Beth Dillinger Nourish to Flourish Program – Created by Pinellas County’s Public Defender Bob Dillinger and his wife in memory of their daughter Beth, this 501(c)3 non-profit program purchases, arranges, and distributes take-home meals for chronically hungry students so they have the support and resources they need to excell in the classroom and in life.

K9 Partners for Patriots – Located in Brooksville in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, his 501(c)3 organization provides opportunities for United States Veterans who have returned home from recent tours to meet each other, share their stories, and process their pain while they train their own service dogs. Their group technique of service dog training helps veterans integrate back into a social environment which helps improve many aspects of their lives including family and marital relationships as well as revitalizing old friendships and developing new ones.