Guardian Advocacy Pro Bono Project

October 15, 2015

Want to make a difference in someone’s life and earn CLE credit in the process? Then sign up to be a part of the Guardian Advocacy Pro Bono Project, sponsored by the YLD, Florida Bar Foundation, and Florida Pro Bono Coordinators Association. The Guardian Advocacy Pro Bono Project is designed to partner attorneys with families in need of a guardian to help them obtain a judgment authorizing them to act on behalf of a disabled child who has reached legal adulthood. You will not be representing the family; rather you will be acting as an advocate on behalf of the disabled individual to ensure his or her rights are represented and protected.

So how do you get started? Visit the YLD Guardian Advocacy Pro Bono Initiative Page. There you will find more information on the project and links to free training videos for which you will receive CLE credit. Once you have completed the training, there are also links to your local pro bono coordinators and instructions for how to contact them to get involved. This is a phenomenal way to meet one of the biggest legal needs facing Florida’s families and provides real assistance to those to whom legal aid services simply cannot afford to devote resources. Your commitment will be less than 10 hours. Please sign up before October 25, 2015!

"Guardian Advocacy Pro Bono Initiative" is written in shades of blue with gray dates listed below. On top is a gold and blue shield.