Council of Sections Meeting Overview

July 16, 2015

The Council of Sections, made up of representatives of each of The Florida Bar’s numerous sections, met at the Florida Bar Annual Convention.  The YLD was represented by Section Outreach Committee Chair, Sue-Ann Robinson Caddy, and Co-Chair, Jen Smith, members of the YLD Board of Governors.  At the meeting, the Council discussed a number of topics relating to getting young lawyers involved in section affairs, such as reduced membership fees and appointment of liaisons.

Representatives from all Sections and Divisions of the Florida Bar were present and reported to President Abadin and the Council.  Many of the Sections expressed an interest in expanding their young lawyer membership and looked to the YLD to provide suggestions to facilitate involvement in the individual Sections.

A list of possible young lawyer initiatives were discussed with the Sections, including free or discounted membership fees, development of a young lawyers section, a young lawyer liaison, substantive CLE material, webinars, or young lawyer training, and establishment of fellowships or scholarships to assist in managing the cost of Section meeting attendance.  The Council welcomed the ideas and several Sections designated Young Lawyer Liaisons on the spot.

The Section Outreach Committee will continue to work with the Sections over the coming months to catalog young lawyer liaisons within the Sections, and to garner commitment to any number of the proposed initiatives, which will in turn, provide additional benefits to the YLD membership.