Miami Dade FAWL Speed Mentoring

Press Release


By: Liana Kozlowski, Co-Chair MDFAWL Mentoring Committee

The Miami-Dade County chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyer’s recently hosted its Annual Speed Mentoring Event at the law offices of Shook Hardy & Bacon.

Dozens of practitioners from the private and public legal sectors were in attendance to provide one-on-one guidance to law students from local universities, including Florida International University, the University of Miami, Saint Thomas University and Nova Southeastern University.

Led by the sounding of a gong, the law students spent the evening circulating a room as they met with and posed questions to a varied selection of respected practitioners from the South Florida legal community. The program, now in its sixth year, is aimed at providing law students with a mentor best suited to meet that student’s needs throughout law school and the early part of the student’s career.

This year Miami-Dade FAWL was honored to have several members of the judiciary in attendance, including, Judge Sarah Zabel, Judge Richard Hersch, Judge Gill Freeman, Judge Fred Seraphin and Judge William Altfield.

For more information about this annual event or to learn about other mentoring opportunities within the organization, contact MDFAWL Mentoring Co-Chairs Liana Kozlowski and Chanel Rowe at