Super Heroes Wanted!

Members of the Fellows Program are the unsung heroes of The Florida Bar Foundation. Fellows are life members of The Florida Bar Foundation; core supporters who believe in the value of justice and the importance of the Foundation’s leadership and charitable programs.

Will you become part of this “league of justice”? Florida Bar Foundation Fellows pledge $1,000 to the Foundation over five years. Government, non-profit and young lawyers have the option of extending the $1,000 membership pledge over a 10-year period. To pledge your own paladin support please visit the secure online pledge form at:

Fellow gifts become part of The Florida Bar Foundation Endowment Trust, which preserves the original gift and expends only endowment income. Additions to the Endowment increase the Foundation’s revenue and help secure the future of its charitable programs.

The Florida Bar foundation knows not all superheroes wear capes, and thanks to donors like you our grantees and clients they serve can continue to have a civil legal aid champion, too!