YLD 2015 Affiliate of the Year – Broward County

On January 16, 2016, during our Affiliate Outreach Conference, the Florida Bar Board of Governors Young Lawyers Division named our 2015 Affiliate of the Year.  There was stiff competition as many of our Local Bar Affiliates did some amazing work throughout 2015, however one group did outshine the rest of the competition. The 2015 Affiliate of the Year is the Young Lawyers Section of the Broward County Bar Association.

In 2015, Broward County YLS provided many events for its Members to learn and grow professionally as young lawyers. These events included a Young Lawyers’ Boot Camp Series, Quarterly Breakfasts with the Judiciary, a Judicial Reception, CLE Luncheons, and Sweatworking.  The Young Lawyers’ Boot Camp Series launched in 2015.  This Series consisted of four educational sessions focused on real, practical situations that new lawyers face every day.  The first session was titled, “I Filed My Motion, Now What?”  The second session was titled, “I Thought My Argument/Deposition was Great; What Did the Judge Think? A Prospective from the Bench.”  The third session was titled, “Game Over: Dispositive Motions.”  The final session was titled, “Trial Preparation/Mock Voir Dire.”  Each session was CLE approved and including a networking component after the coursework.

Also new in 2015, were the Broward County YLS Sweatworking events.  These events were part of the YLD Health and Wellness initiative, introduced last year.  The first event challenged members to partake in an hour long Spinning, Pilates, or Ballet Barre class.  The second event challenged members to partake in an hour-long high intensity cardio circuit workout.  Both events were followed by opportunities to network with other attendees.

Broward County YLS focused on serving Young Lawyers, and on serving the local community in 2015.  The Affiliate raised $35,000.00 for Habitat for Humanity during a Charity Golf Tournament, hosted a Winter Wonderland event for fifty local foster children, provided hundreds of hours of pro bono services, participated in literacy programs throughout Broward County Public Schools, participated in National Adoption Day, and hosted numerous social events on behalf of local charities to help these charities gain exposure.  During the Fourteenth Annual For the Public Good Fundraiser, the Legal Aid Services of Broward County and Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida awarded Broward County YLA the Spirit of Justice Award for the Organization’s commitment to Legal Aid.

These events only touch on some of the great things Broward County Bar Association YLS accomplished in 2015. In order to be this successful, many individuals donated a great amount of time and effort to help educate the next generation of lawyers, provide legal services to those lacking access to the judicial system, and provide general services to the local community.  The Florida Bar Board of Governors Young Lawyers Division thanks the Members and Volunteers of the Broward County Bar Association YLS for their hard work and dedication.  Congratulations on being named the 2015 Affiliate of the Year.