President’s Welcome Message

from The Florida Bar YLD President, Santo DiGangi

Santo DiGangi

It is an extraordinary privilege to serve the young lawyers of Florida as President of the Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”). I am honored by this opportunity to lead the organization that represents the future of The Florida Bar.  The YLD Board of Governors has long been looked upon as the “Workhorse of The Florida Bar” and we will continue this tradition during my tenure.

The most important function of the YLD is to assist young lawyers in the transition from law school to the practice of law. In addition to the Practicing with Professionalism seminars and Basic CLEs, which the YLD administers each year, we have developed vast resources to educate new lawyers on topics ranging from substantive areas of the law, to practical issues affecting the practice of law. We invite you to visit the YLD’s Legal Accelerator, which is accessible through The Florida Bar member portal or by clicking, where you will find invaluable advice from seasoned practitioners on a range of different topics. If you are considering starting your own law firm, we invite you to visit to gain insight and learn more about this process.

The YLD is also dedicated to helping young lawyers develop a healthy lifestyle within the practice of law. The #StigmaFreeYLD campaign focuses on removing the stigma associated with mental health issues in our profession.  This campaign began in 2018 and has already become a tremendous success. We look forward to building upon its current momentum this year. Please visit to learn more about prominent attorneys who have personal experience with mental illness, but were able to build wildly successful practices, while finding true enjoyment in their lives, all by taking action and seeking help.

Recently, the YLD impressed upon The Florida Bar Board of Governors the importance of the proposed Parental Leave Continuance Rule for all lawyers. With our assistance, that groundbreaking rule, which provides a timely made continuance motion for parental leave by the lead attorney in a case should be granted unless substantial prejudice is shown by another party, was passed by the Board of Governors with unanimous support and is now before the Florida Supreme Court for consideration. Of note, the YLD will have a voice in the oral argument being held on August 27, 2019 before the Florida Supreme Court where we will argue the fundamental importance of mothers and fathers spending time with their newborn children.

Lastly, the YLD will hold its first ever Young Government Lawyers Summit on November 1, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to bring government stakeholders from across Florida together in one room to discuss topics directly impacting young government lawyers. Our vision is to create a dialogue between different government stakeholders in order to discuss the various initiatives and programs that work and do not work in their respective offices regarding retention, bar service, pay discrepancy, debt forgiveness programs, and community service involvement. This event is the first of its kind and will provide an open forum for the benefit of young government lawyers around Florida.

The YLD will continue to support young lawyers in every capacity and will remain the primary resource for the young lawyers of our State. I encourage you to reach out to your Circuit representative(s) for opportunities to get involved and urge you to become involved with one or more of your local affiliates. If you do not know which local affiliates meet in and around your area, please visit our Find an Affiliate website at or contact us at, and we will help you get connected. Finally, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. We hope that these resources will provide you with the tools for a successful transition to the practice of law.

Thank you for this honor!

Very truly yours,
Santo DiGangi