Broward County Hispanic Bar Association



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Broward County Hispanic Bar Association


Karina D. Rodrigues
Immediate Past President
Kelley | Uustal
Fort Lauderdale
Kristen L. Palacio
Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP
Fort Lauderdale

About Us

Broward County Hispanic Bar Association (BCHBA) was founded in 1989, a time when diversity in the legal field was practically unheard of. Over the years, BCHBA leaders paved the way for this generation to have opportunities that were never available to them. To date, the organization continues to be a prominent voice to the Hispanic population and push for progress. Its aim is to promote diversity, cross-cultural appreciation and equality in the legal profession.

BCHBA proudly conducts educational seminars, provides mentorship and financial assistance to minority law students, participates in community service initiatives and hosts cultural and social events. Many of BCHBA’s current and past members are highly respected community leaders and members of the judiciary. Membership is open to all and is comprised of caring lawyers, law students and members of community at large.


Fort Lauderdale, FL