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Caribbean Bar Association


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About Us

Caribbean Bar Association — Informing, Educating, Empowering

Founded in 1994 and based in Miami, Florida, the Caribbean Bar Association (“CBA”) is a voluntary bar organization that has grown from just over 25 lawyers at its inception, to well over 200 attorneys from the Caribbean-American community in South and Central Florida. CBA attorneys work in both the public and private sectors and practice criminal law, civil and commercial litigation, administrative law, family, immigration, business and corporate, insurance defense, medical malpractice, real estate, trust and estates, probate, maritime, international law, arbitration, personal injury, land use and zoning law, among other areas of practice.

In 2000, the CBA adopted the motto “Informing, Educating, Empowering” — capturing the essence of its mission to inform, educate and empower all members of the Caribbean-American community in South and Central Florida. To live out its motto and in furtherance of its stated mission, the CBA has embarked on several initiatives.

With its local base and international focus, the CBA continues to be uniquely positioned to advocate on behalf of the entire Caribbean-American community in South and Central Florida and to act as a bridge between law, politics and community awareness.

The mission of the Caribbean Bar Association (The “CBA”) is to serve and support the legal profession and to promote good relations among lawyers, the judiciary, and the Caribbean-American community by:

  • Promoting the professional interests of the local bench and bar;
  • Encouraging collegiality, public service and professionalism on the part of all lawyers of Caribbean-American heritage;
  • To foster and encourage excellence among Caribbean-American lawyers;
  • Improving access to justice for all persons living and working in the Caribbean Diaspora;
  • Supporting all local courts in the administration of justice for all people;
  • Promoting greater awareness of and commitment to the civil and political rights of all members of the Caribbean-American Diaspora;
  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining social and professional programs, activities and services for all members of the Caribbean-American community;
  • Making appropriate policy and legislative recommendations concerning the law and the Caribbean-American community;
  • Increasing the successful enrollment of Caribbean-American law students.


11th Circuit, 15th Circuit, 17th Circuit

Miami, Fl