F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association



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F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association


Jason A. McIntosh
Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath
West Palm Beach, Florida
Danielle Sherriff
Assistant State Attorney, 15th Judicial Circuit
West Palm Beach, Florida

About Us

The F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association, is a voluntary bar association located in Palm Beach County. In the late 1970’s a group of Black attorneys from West Palm Beach began meeting informally on a monthly basis at a local restaurant. Among them were the Honorable Edward Rodgers, the Honorable Catherine Brunson, the Honorable Moses Baker, William Holland, T.J. Cunningham, Sr., F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. to name a few. Because of the positive impact Frank Malcolm Cunningham had as a member of the organization and in the community, after his death in 1978 the organization was formally named F. Malcolm Cunningham Sr., Bar Association.


Mission Statement

To promote the personal and professional development of Blacks within the legal profession; to promote improvement in the law and in the method of its administration; to educate its members and the general public in matters pertaining to the law and legal profession; to promote knowledge and understanding of the legal profession; and to cultivate professional ethics and networking opportunities among the members of the F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association.


West Palm Beach, FL