About Law School Affiliates



Law School Affiliates are designed to engage and connect law students with members of the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar through a variety of activities and projects that further the best interests of the legal profession and support the efforts of The Florida Bar.

What Are Law School Affiliates?

  • The Law School Affiliates (LSA) is a committee of the Young Lawyers Division (YLD).
  • Each ABA Accredited law school located in Florida is part of the LSA. Each law school is represented by a Law School Administrator and two Law Student Liaisons.

What is the Purpose of Law School Affiliates?

The purpose of the Law School Affiliates is to:

  • assist The Florida Bar and The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division in their purposes and encourage interest and participation by law students in the purposes of The Florida Bar and the YLD;
  • provide programs of activities and projects designed to be of interest and assistance to Florida law schools and law students; and
  • serve as liaison between Florida law schools, YLD, and The Florida Bar by fostering discussion and free interchange of ideas relative to law students, legal education, and the practice of law.

Why Should Students Care About Law School Affiliates?

  • The YLD LSA Committee hosts a Deans Summit with the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and all Florida law school Deans to discuss resolutions to issues impacting legal education, administration of the Florida Bar Exam, and the admission of new attorneys to The Florida Bar.
  • The Florida Bar YLD awards grants to Florida Law Schools for programming focused on professionalism, pro bono, health and wellness, and diversity and inclusion. These grants can be used by each LSA as desired, whether in conjunction with their SBAs, Career Services Department, or other individual school organizations on campus. See more information here on the grants available.
  • LSA also affords students a direct line to The Florida Bar YLD and The Florida Bar. During The Florida Bar Convention and The Florida Bar YLD Affiliate Outreach Conference, the Law Student Liaisons have the opportunity to not only exchange effective and innovative programming ideas, but they also have the opportunity to discuss and raise issues that The Florida Bar YLD may be able to address and assist law students to help bridge the gap between graduating and practicing law in Florida.
  • Likewise, Law School Administrators are given the opportunity to get together at these conventions and similarly discuss the issues affecting each school and how The Florida Bar YLD may be able to assist.
  • The LSA allows local Florida Bar YLD Affiliates to better connect and engage with local law schools and provide additional opportunities for students to engage with local lawyers.
  • The LSA also provides an avenue to disseminate scholarship information, as well as other valuable opportunities that become available through The Florida Bar YLD to students and law schools.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Law School Affiliate Chairs, Randall Baskin (rbaskin@baskineisel.com) and Selina Patel (selina.patel@csklegal.com), or the YLD Section Administrator, Tom Miller (TMiller@floridabar.org), or your Law Student Liaisons/Law School Administrators for your school.