About Local Bar Affiliates

What is an affiliate?

  • An affiliate is an organization, not a person. The Florida Bar YLD’s definition of an Affiliate is “Any (1) young lawyer organization, or (2) young lawyer component of any voluntary bar association in the Florida legal profession in which membership is dedicated to the cause of young lawyers.”
  • To become a recognized Affiliate of The Florida Bar YLD, you must certify that your organization fits into one of these two categories. Please sign the certification page and provide the requested contact information to the Local Bar Affiliates Chair. The YLD board will then vote to approve your organization as an Affiliate at an upcoming board meeting.


Why become an affiliate

  • There are many advantages of becoming an Affiliate, including the funding and programming opportunities offered by The Florida Bar YLD.
  • Our signature event for Affiliate leaders is our annual Affiliate Outreach Conference held each January where each affiliate is invited to send representatives to network, socialize, and present a grant proposal for a program of your choosing. Grant funds are set aside for affiliate programs, reimbursements are available for attending, and awards are given out to Affiliates at the Conference.
  • In the fall, The Florida Bar YLD awards grants to Affiliates for member service projects for “Morning/Afternoon at the Courthouse” or “Professionalism Roundtable” programs to be put on locally by Affiliates for young lawyers. Applications are available here. The Florida Bar also awards grants for “Holidays All Year Long” community service projects.  If you would like to host a holiday-themed party for children in need, we encourage you to complete an application.
  • In the spring, The Florida Bar YLD awards grants to Affiliates for programs promoting diversity and inclusion to be put on locally by Affiliates for young lawyers.  The Florida Bar YLD also works with the Law Student Division on its Raising the Bar event. Raising the Bar is a statewide community service day organized to unite Florida’s legal community. Law students, attorneys, judges and other community leaders participate in service projects held across Florida on the same day. Affiliates are encouraged to host community service events on the designated day.
  • Throughout the year, Affiliate Leaders receive emails and information from the Florida Bar YLD, and have the opportunity to share their news and successes in the YLD’s e-newsletter.
  • We hope you join an existing Affiliate or become an Affiliate and take advantage of some or all of these opportunities. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Affiliate/Law School Affiliate Co-Chairs Ayana Barrow (ayanakbarrowesq@gmail.com) and Rebekah Taylor (Rebekah@snedakerlaw.com), YLD Section Administrator, Tom Miller (TMiller@floridabar.org) or your local circuit representative(s).