Welcome Message

from The Florida Bar YLD President, Katherine Hurst Miller

Katherine Hurst Miller

Dear Young Lawyer,

I am proud to have the opportunity to lead the Young Lawyers Division and the opportunity to work with you.  This year, the YLD has 3 goals: Educate, Advocate, and Serve.

First and foremost, the YLD is engaged in educating and training young lawyers on the law and on lawyering as a profession.  Young lawyers can receive broad training in our Practicing with Professionalism and Basic Skills courses.  Young lawyers can also receive answers to substantive and procedural questions from their more experienced counterparts in the Lawyers Advising Lawyers program.

Second, the YLD is advocating for young lawyers and for their interests.  It is vital to the profession that young lawyers continue to be mentored, hired, and trained, as young lawyers are irreplaceable in our justice system.  We are also working on proposals for loan forgiveness for careers in public service and ways to advance the interests of women and minorities in the profession.

And Third, the YLD wants to serve.  Our board is going to be a model of community service and especially Pro Bono legal service.  If young lawyers serve where they are needed and where they feel passionate, then we will have a better legal system.  Our grant programs and Affiliate Outreach Conference help our local young lawyer affiliates serve throughout the state.

Please take a moment to review the information on our website and the work that we are doing.  Let us know what you like and what you don’t like.  And, if you like what we are doing, there are opportunities for young lawyers and more experienced lawyers to help us in almost everything that we do to continue the work of this great profession.   I look forward to educating, advocating, and serving with you this year.

Katherine Hurst Miller