Youth On Solid Ground

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The Florida Young Lawyers Division, in collaboration with the Florida Bar Foundation and the Florida Pro Bono Coordinators Association, is launching a program to help fill the access to justice gap for low-income families in Florida by providing short, online training (CLE credit) for attorneys. With this training, attorneys can assist children and families secure non-contested, routine temporary custody orders that will allow children in the state of Florida to obtain the care and resources they need.

The Youth on Solid Ground Pro Bono Project is designed to help any attorney make an enormous impact in the life of a child with the commitment of only a few hours of time.


Who You Will Help

Children and families.  In many families, often low-income, parents are not able to care for and act on behalf of their children.  This may be because the parent is disabled, dealing with an illness, on military deployment, or incarcerated.  Children rely on loving adults and nourishment resources to grow and thrive.  Yet, often a family member serving as a temporary caregiver has not completed the proper paperwork to ensure that the caregiver is able to take the necessary actions to meet the child’s needs at home, school, and in health care settings. With a temporary relative custody order in place, the child’s extended family member, often a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or older sibling, will have the legal ability to perform basic parental functions, such as enrolling the child in school, meeting with teachers, consenting to basic medical care, and meeting with medical providers.  The program is designed to put children on solid ground by providing a family member, providing a child care, the resources they need to ensure the child’s education, housing, and health issues are being met.

The Youth on Solid Ground Pro Bono Project provides valuable legal assistance by connecting pro bono attorneys with families that are currently unrepresented in the area of temporary relative custody.

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How You Will Help

The Youth on Solid Ground Pro Bono Project is designed to train attorneys to assist families in obtaining a temporary custody order and put those attorneys in contact with their local pro bono coordinator to assist families and children in need of a temporary custody order.


What You Can Do to Help

STEP 1:  View a Free Training Seminar with CLE Credit
Watch the 1.5 hour Training CLE here for 2.5 hours of CLE Credit:
CLE Course Number: 1605580N
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours

+ View Free Training Seminar

STEP 2: Sign Up to Assist
Find the pro bono coordinator in your Circuit or County and send that person an email. Indicate in your email that you would like to join the Youth on Solid Ground Pro Bono Project.  Click here to find your local pro bono coordinator.  A mentor will be provided if needed.
Time commitment: 5-10 hours

+ Find Pro Bono Coordinators