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The mission of the YLD Commission on Women is to assess the current status of women in the legal profession, to identify quality of life issues that impact women, and to break down barriers faced by women in their legal careers.

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The YLD’s Commission on Women released webinars each week in April 2016. The webinars were free and open to all Florida lawyers, including one general CLE credit.

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The Commission on Women has compiled a variety of articles, blogs, and other resources related to women lawyers, including gender equality, work-life balance, and professional advancement.

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The Balancing in Heels series seeks to have interviewees give their advice and insight on “having it all,” finding balance between one’s personal and professional lives, and the importance of civic and professional involvement.

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The #LWW Legal Women Wednesdays interview series highlights successful women within the law profession.

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In 2015, the Young Lawyers Division conducted a random sample email survey of 3,137 women members of the Young Lawyers Division, which is made up of lawyers under age 36 or in their first five years of practice in Florida. Four hundred and sixty four completed surveys were received for a response rate of 15 percent.

Key takeaways of the responses include:

  • 27% of all respondents have resigned from an employer due to lack of advancement, lack of work/life balance, gender bias, or employer insensitivity.
  • 43% of all respondents have reported experiencing gender bias during their careers, from opposing counsel, an employer, or the court.
  • Significant challenges that young female lawyers face today are high stress (44%), lack of work/life balance (42%), billable hours (23%) and business generation (23%).
  • The majority of young female lawyers want the Board to offer free CLES (60%) as well as mentorship (35%) and networking opportunities (33%).
  • The three most important issues respondents want the Board to focus on are professional skills training (34%), mentoring efforts (32%), and professional advancement resources (32%).

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