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On April 21, 1988, the Florida Supreme Court in The Florida Bar Re: Amendment to Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, Rule 6-12.1 (Basic Skills Course Requirement, 524 So.2d 634 (Fla. 1988)), made Practicing with Professionalism (“PWP”), mandatory for attorneys admitted to The Florida Bar after October 1, 1988.  The Practicing with Professionalism requirement must be met within the first year of admission to The Florida Bar or one year prior to being admitted to the Florida Bar.

On May 12, 2005, the Supreme Court of Florida approved changes to Rule 6-12.3  and Rule 6-12.4. This new rule states that in addition to attending PWP new admittees must attend three “basic” level substantive continuing legal education programs presented by the Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”). The Basic Skills Course Requirement must be completed within the initial 3-year continuing legal education cycle after admission to The Florida Bar or within two years after the expiration of any exempt status.

Effective March 6, 2010, new lawyers or members that have not yet completed their three Basic CLE course components of the Basic Skills Course Requirement (BSCR), Rule 6-12, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, will be able to fulfill this requirement either by attending a live Basic CLE presentation or participating in the 24/7 online CLE version of the Basic program and obtaining a certificate of completion. This online CLE option will replace the previously offered video replays. Live webcasts/virtual seminars, audio-CD and video-DVD programs will not satisfy this requirement. You can register for upcoming live seminars or participate in the 24/7 On-line CLE at your convenience and any time, 24 hours a day, by accessing The Florida Bar CLE Web site at The in-person attendance requirement for Practicing with Professionalism has not changed.

The expanded delivery method option for satisfying the BSCR only affects those attorneys who have not yet completed the BSCR. To verify your compliance and reporting dates, please check our Web site at

Persons subject to this decision should review and comply with its requirements. Out-of-State Practitioners, Military lawyers and Governmental lawyers may be exempt from the Basic Skills Course Requirement and should refer to Rule 6-12.4  to determine eligibility for an exemption.

Click here for the Rules Regulating the BSCR, 6-12.

Basic level YLD course offerings are listed here. Course advertisement and registrations information can also be found in The Bar News. Should you have any questions about Basic level courses, contact Thomas V. Miller at The Florida Bar, (850) 561-5621.

REFUND POLICY: All requests for refunds less a $25.00 cancellation fee will be honored if postmarked within forty-eight (48) hours after the course presentation. No refunds will be given after that time. We regret that your registration fee is not transferable to other CLE courses.

Florida Bar YLD Practicing With Professionalism (“PWP”) Grant Program

The Florida Bar YLD sponsors a limited number of partial grants ($75) to defer the cost of this seminar at each location. They are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in applying for the grant, please download the affidavit and submit it to The Florida Bar. Do not register for the PWP at this time if you intend to apply for the grant. If accepted for one of our grants, you will receive an acceptance letter that you will include in your registration form to The Florida Bar. You can not register online if you are accepted for the grant.

To be eligible for the $75 cost reduction to the PWP seminar:

  1. I am a member of the FL Bar Young Lawyers Division and am taking PWP to satisfy my Basic Skills Requirement;
  2. My annual gross income for the upcoming year will be less than $37,500;
  3. Neither my employer or any other source is paying for my attendance at this seminar or any other CLE courses.

You must submit the affidavit in its entirety. Failure to complete the affidavit honestly and completely will result in rejection of your request. Please allow two weeks to receive an acceptance letter. Once you receive the acceptance letter, proceed to register for the seminar via mail and submit a copy of the acceptance letter with your fees. Note you may not register online to be eligible for the grant.

To access the affidavit, please click here.

Visit the Florida Bar’s CLE Information Page

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