Bill Schifino

Florida Bar President-elect

Bill Schifino is pictured with a young boy on a roller coaster ride

Bill makes sure to set aside time for fun with his family.

Bill Schifino, Florida Bar President-elect

When in need of a quick recharge I… run.

When I’m feeling stressed I…run.

When I can’t fall asleep I… read.

The best advice I’ve received about balancing work and life is… to schedule my personal time.

The one thing I would tell a stressed out and overwhelmed young lawyer is… this too shall pass.

On a typical Saturday night you will find me… with my family eating dinner.

I can’t go a day without… exercising.

My guilty pleasure is… ice cream. 

If I could go back to when I was a young lawyer and give myself advice, I would say… go live in DC for a few years.

The best way to deal with a difficult colleague or opposing counsel is… to remain professional at all times.