Judge Jason E. Dimitris

Miami Dade County

Judge Jason Dimitris is pictured with his family on a red canoe

Judge Jason E. Dimitris, Miami Dade County

When in need of a quick recharge I…go for a run. All challenges seem less significant after a run. It’s quick and impactful.

My preferred method of exercise is… something that is fun and healthy.  If it is fun then I want to do it regularly and I maintain lifelong wellness.  Tennis, table tennis and mountain biking are great examples.

The one thing I would tell a stressed out and overwhelmed young lawyer is… life and the practice of law is a roller coaster with highs and lows.  Can’t get the highs without the lows.  Hang on for the highs . . . they are coming.

Every day I make sure to… smile!

The best way to deal with a difficult colleague or opposing counsel is… remember the big picture and always take the high road.

The worst piece of advice I ever received was… give them a taste of their own medicine.

I keep my priorities straight by… looking into the eyes of my kids.

The most gratifying part about my job is…solving problems so people can move on with their lives and mentoring and seeing successes.

My favorite snack is… homemade healthy smoothie.

The best way to promote health & wellness among lawyers is… make it fun, cheap, accessible, good for business and family.