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Rimon Law team at a conference table
Rimon Law team at a conference table
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Rimon [ree-mohn] is a highly selective entrepreneurial firm that combines the dynamic client service, teamwork, and agility of a high-end boutique law firm with the deep multidisciplinary experience of a large global firm. Their clients consistently receive exceptional representation across 17 locations, from an all-star team of corporate, litigation, tax, intellectual property, and private client attorneys.

Originally established in 2008, Rimon Law is the realization of two former Big Law associates’ vision: Practicing law should not be at odds with one’s well-being.

Early in their careers, Rimon’s founders saw the toll taken on attorneys’ health and work/life balance by the traditional law firm environment, and knew there had to be a better way. Harnessing the power of the internet and radically rethinking the law-firm structure, they developed a new operating model that relies more on technology and less on bureaucracy and hierarchy, that focuses on providing efficiency and value to its clients, and that offers flexibility and collegiality to its attorneys.

No Billable Hours

Rimon has eliminated the billable-hour requirement, so the practice of law need not take over one’s life. The spherical model of operation rejects intra-firm hierarchy and the “up or out” career path that can foster intense competition within traditional law firms. Rimon has thoughtfully developed practices and infrastructure to promote collegiality within the firm. The result: legal professionals who enjoy their work and still can care for themselves and their families, clients who are satisfied with both the service they receive and the price they pay for it, and a law firm that is well on its way to being a powerhouse.

Rimon maintains small-scale brick-and-mortar offices in 17 locations to accommodate attorneys who wish to work from a formal office or have a physical place to meet with clients and colleagues. At the same time, the firm’s technology platform provides everything attorneys need to work remotely and effectively, even home office resources that allow attorneys to take a deposition or hold a formal meeting with clients based in a traditional conference room.

Encouraging Telecommuting

By encouraging telecommuting, rather than merely tolerating it, Rimon offers its attorneys the flexibility to work efficiently and manage their home life without worrying about either the scrutiny or the isolation that often plagues attorneys in more traditional firms who try to work from home.  At Rimon, attorneys can schedule their work around picking up the kids, working out, family meals, religious practices, and other interests that can vastly improve their quality of life from both a physical and mental perspective.  At the same time, Rimon promotes inclusion through bi-monthly firm meetings where all attorneys participate, either in person, by videoconference or by phone, triannual retreats focused on team-building, and a proprietary software that identifies attorneys least likely to have worked together and arranges for them to talk one-on-one in five-minute speed networking videoconferences. Rimon’s structure provides the freedom to participate in conferences, bar or community activities, join boards, take on pro bono projects, and other pursuits. In recognition of both collegiality within the firm and the richness of life outside it, every bi-monthly videoconference begins with firm attorneys giving shout-outs to others for help in achieving professional and personal goals and celebrating quality-of-life moments made possible because of the Rimon Way.

Besides group and private videoconferences, attorneys utilize instant messaging to build relationships with each other, and on the firm’s social media network, attorneys and staff post updates and questions and even share family moments. Rimon’s CEO, CFO and Managing Partners have carefully nurtured this inclusive firm culture. They welcome suggestions for innovation and improvement in the firm, and go out of their way to be available to answer questions.  They even make a point to send a thoughtful and individualized gift for each attorney’s birthday and Rimoniversary.

Rimon’s spherical structure ensures that attorneys do not need not follow the demands of superiors, eliminating a key source of stress historically prevalent in many law firms. Attorneys do not have to feed the top of a pyramid or follow bureaucratic rules. Instead, they serve clients as a team of equals, supported by staff and associates.

Rethinking Compensation

Rimon attorneys are not compensated based on their position in a ranking or relationship with management; rather, all compensation is based on work generated and done for clients, with each lawyer receiving an agreed-upon amount for work done for another attorney’s clients.  This simplified, objective and completely transparent approach to compensation encourages attorneys to focus on client needs, not on firm politics and climbing the firm totem pole.  Because Rimon attorneys work as a team but compensation depends on each lawyer’s client relationships and desired workload, the firm provides each attorney more control over his or her own work/life balance, promoting greater stability and better morale.

Finally, Rimon’s partners have been meticulously drawn from premier law firms, international corporations, and academia across many practice areas, making it easy to find a knowledgeable colleague to assist with various matters and clients. Rimon also has access to a global network of independent attorneys who can be called on as needed, which serves to reduce a key source of stress for attorneys who are hesitant to outsource work to an unfamiliar firm when clients have needs outside of the attorney’s area of expertise.

As a result, Rimon’s attorneys are able to maximize their ability to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally, and take care of their families, friends and colleagues as well.