Health & Wellness


The practice of law can be a wonderfully rewarding profession because we, as lawyers, have the power to change our clients’ lives. However, shouldering that responsibility can take a toll on us physically and mentally. For that reason, it is incredibly important for lawyers to obtain a sense of balance in their lives and achieve wellness. And if we encounter struggles along the way, it is important we know where to find help. Importantly, our industry needs to understand that asking for help it is a sign of strength to know when to ask for it.

This year, under the leadership of YLD President Christian George, and President-Elect Santo DiGangi, we are embarking on a mission to eliminate the stigma of lawyers seeking mental health treatment. At our recent meeting, we announced our upcoming #StigmaFreeYLD campaign, through which Bar leaders and other members of the legal community will share their personal stories of struggles and success when it comes to these important issues. We feel that taking care of your mind should be viewed the same way as taking care of your body or your teeth — it is something everyone should do and it is a normal, healthy way to approach life. Together with the Florida Bar’s Board of Governors, we aim to change the way some in our profession view seeking treatment for mental health issues from a negative to a positive, and we want your help.

We encourage you to participate in our social media campaign all year long (starting soon!) and ask that you use the hashtags #StigmaFreeYLD and #flayld when you share your stories and your related Affiliate events on social media. If you are interested in filming a video about your experiences, or sharing your story in print, please contact or We want this conversation to trend online so that we can shed light on this important issue, and improve the lives of young lawyers throughout our state.

We, as a profession, must continue to pursue wellness for ourselves so that we can be strong advocates and take better care of our families, colleagues, clients and communities who are depending on us.

2018-19 Schedule

October 10, 2018
World Mental Health Day

October 24, 2018
Free Webinar for 1 General CLE Credit
Set Your Mind to Success: 10 Essential Ways of Thinking to Catapult Your Career & Well-Being
by Amy Wood

November 7, 2018
Free Webinar for 1 General CLE Credit
Meditation for Lawyers
by George Felos

November 14, 2018
Free Webinar for 1 General CLE Credit
Sleep Health
by Dr. Luisa Bazan 

December 5, 2018 @ 12pm Eastern
Free Webinar for 1 General CLE Credit
Topic TBD
by Judge Elizabeth G. Rice & Marie A. Borland

February 15, 2019
Deadline for Bar Affiliates to apply for Health & Wellness Grants
(check back soon for application forms!)

May 2019
Our 5th Annual Health & Wellness Month!
Winners of the Affiliate Grants will be announced.