2019 Affiliate Health and Wellness Challenge

Affiliate Grants

The YLD encourages Affiliates to engage in activities designed to promote health and wellness, and offers grants to make those happen. This year's grant funds must be used in conjunction with participation in the 2019 Affiliate Health and Wellness Challenge as described below.

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Don't forget to post your Health and Wellness Challenge and Challenge-related events on the Affiliates Calendar!

Step One: Choose a Committee Chair to Coordinate the Challenge.
Depending on the size of your affiliate, you may create a challenge committee.

Step Two: Decide who can Participate in the Challenge.
Will your challenge be open to young lawyers, all lawyers, and/or law students?
The more inclusive your challenge, the more participation you will receive.

Step Three: Figure out how to Communicate the Challenges to Participants.
Facebook Groups make it easy for participants to support /get to know each other.

Step Four: Set out your Specific Challenge(s).
Challenges can relate to any aspect of health and wellness, not just physical fitness.
Check out our tips for choosing your challenge on the following page.

Step Five: Determine how Members will Submit their Participation.
Many activities will have to be judged using the honor system, and that is okay.
Websites like https://www.countit.com/#/ can also help you track participation.

Step Six: Set out the Prizes.
Consider having daily challenge winners, fun challenges, and an overall winner.
Partner with local businesses for the prizes (such as free fitness classes).

Step Seven: Market the challenge.
Create a timeline for promoting your challenges via email and social media.
Encourage your group to share photos of their challenge on social media.

Step Eight: Start the Challenge!
Tag @FlaYLD in your social media posts so we can promote your challenge.
Use the hashtags #StigmaFreeYLD and #WellLawyer to promote your challenge.

Step Nine: Celebrate your Success!
Throw an end-of-the-challenge party to announce the winners and celebrate.
Apply for a YLD Health & Wellness Grant to help cover certain costs.

Step Ten: Keep the Community Going Beyond the Challenge!
Having a strong support system is be critical to lawyer well-being.
Consider keeping the challenge going indefinitely!

Tips for Choosing Your Challenge

  • Your challenge should be as inclusive as possible. Consider providing options so that everyone can participate regardless of their fitness level, physical limitations, or disability.
  • Your challenge can relate to any aspect of health and wellness, including mental health, attending cultural events, or even meditation. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • If the challenges are too strenuous, you may scare off participants. Consider offering options that appeal to beginners, not just those who already have a good physical fitness practice. For example, counting the number of steps is a better challenge then the number of miles someone can run.
  • Challenges should include reasonable limits so that no one can gain too many points too easily. Consider including minimums and maximums for each activity.
  • If you choose multiple activities, then ensure that no single activity is worth significantly more than another. The goal is to encourage repeated participation.

Challenge Ideas

  • 5,000 steps a day
  • Submit a healthy recipe
  • Attend a fitness class
  • Attend a mindfulness class
  • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Do a squat or plank challenge
  • Drink eight glasses of water a day
  • Push up challenge
  • Take the stairs to work day
  • Mentor a law student
  • Attend a therapy session
  • Volunteer at a local shelter
  • Challenge a local affiliate