Health & Wellness Olympics Rules & Points


This event is to inspire Florida lawyers to focus on their mental and physical health and wellness through awareness and accountability. The Olympics is to encourage you all to try new health and wellness activities, and provide you with resources for a more balanced lifestyle.


You can participate at any level! Daily, weekly, check-in a few times monthly (during April – May 2021), but we have created a point system to encourage healthy fun among individual participants and affiliates. The YLD expects you to truthfully report your activity and scoring.


  • Biking: Either on road or stationary, including road riding, trail riding, mountain biking, gravel riding, Peloton, or other stationary bike.
  • Fitness Class: In person or virtual, including yoga, Orange Theory, Crossfit, Zumba, and P90X.
  • Golfing: Walking or riding 9 to 18 holes, spending time at the range (virtual or in person).
  • Hiking: Walking or running a hiking trail.
  • Kayaking / Paddle boarding: Active engagement for time or distance.
  • Running: Active engagement for time or distance – a sprint to your car in the rain does not count.
  • Sports: Tennis, kickball, softball, ping pong, racquet ball, basketball, soccer, etc.
  • Swimming: Active engagement for time or distance – a dip in a pool or hot tub does not count.
  • Walking: Active engagement for time or distance – walking from the couch to the refrigerator does not count.


  • Healthy Cooking and Eating: Preparing and eating a meal that is healthy for your specific health needs. For example, a healthy meal may include a lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits.
  • Massage: Receiving a massage from a professional massage therapist.
  • Meditation: Purposeful meditation engagement for time.
  • Mental Health Counseling: Attending a therapy session (virtual or in person) with a professional therapist. [We understand this is private for many, your keeping track/points of this will not be public].
  • Sleeping: Receiving 7 hours or more of sleep in a night; Focusing on consistent sleep patterns
  • Webinars & Mindfulness Applications: Attend webinars relating to health and wellness or use a mindfulness application.


  • League Sports – 12 points in a day (or 4 hours of league sports)
  • Kayaking – 10 points in a day (5 hrs)
  • Burpees – 20 points in a day (200 burpees)
  • Meditation – 8 pts in a day (80 minutes of meditating)
  • Healthy Eating – 3 pts of a day (3 meals)
  • Avoid Alcohol – 10 pts per every 7 days
  • Avoid Sweets – 5 pts per every 7 days
  • 7 Hours of sleep – 3 pts per day
  • Golf – 15 pts in a day ( 5 hours per day)
  • Use mindfulness app – 5 pts  in a day (50 minutes of app time)
  • Webinar/CLE on Health and Wellness – 3 pts per 30 minutes (1 hr of webinar or CLE per day)
  • Social Media Post – 6 pts per day
  • Deep Breathing – 3 pts per day (30 minutes of deep breathing)
  • Mental Health Counseling – 20 pts per day (2 hr of counseling)
  • Paddleboarding – 10 pts in a day (5 hrs)
  • Group Fitness –  12 pts (3  hrs a day)
  • Weightlifting – 12 pts (3 hrs a day)
  • Dancing – 6 pts (1 ½ hr a day)
  • Massages – 4 pts (120 minutes of massage)


  • Keep track of your points daily or every 4 days.
  • Social Media Engagement: Share your activity on Social Media and tag #YLDMotionGranted or share our health and wellness post and tag #YLDMotionGranted.
  • Follow us on Facebook: The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division and Instagram: flabaryld.


For questions or concerns about the rules for the YLD Olympics, please contact: Kayla Richmond at or Marianne Curtis at


Mon, May 10 – Sun, May 16
#YLDOlympics Health Eating Challenge

In order to encourage healthy eating any logged healthy eating will earn double the points! Please make sure to keep posting about your healthy foods, cooking techniques, and recipes! Don’t forget to tag #YLDMotionGranted. The winner who tallies the most Healthy Eating points will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Whole Foods, for some future healthy eating! Good Luck! Thank you current Florida Bar President-elect Designate candidates – Scott Westheimer of Sarasota and Lorna Brown-Burton of Fort Lauderdale for sponsoring our bi-weekly challenges. Get to posting!
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Activity Time/Amount
Biking 20 min 1
Fitness Class 30 min 2
Golfing 1 hour 3
Healthy Cooking / Eating 1 meal 1
Hiking 30 min 1
Kayaking / Paddle Boarding 30 min 1
Massage 30 min 1
Meditation 10 min 1
Mental Health Counseling 30 min 5
Running 10 min 1
Sleeping 7 hours per night 3
Mindfulness Applications 10 min 1
League Sports 30 min 3
Swimming 10 min 1
Walking 10 min 1
Webinars/CLEs on Health & Wellness 30 min 3
Dancing 30 min 2
Burpees 50 5
Avoid Alcoholic Drinks 1 week 10
Avoid Sweets, Soda & Candy 1 week 5
Deep Breathing Exercises 10 min 1
Social Media, Tag #YLDMotionGranted; Post, Share, Reshare Activities in the Olympics 1 #tag 1