Thomas R. Bopp

Thomas R. Bopp headshot of a cheerful smiling middle aged Caucasian man in a dark blue suit with a light colored shirt and a maroon tie.
Thomas R. Bopp teeing off on golf course he is a Caucasian man wearing a red collared shirt, tan khaki shorts and a white hat.

Thomas R. Bopp is a personal injury and property damage litigator with Banker, Lopez Gassler P.A. in Tampa.

When I can’t fall asleep …  I replay in my head the last round of golf that I played. I usually make it to the third or fourth hole. 

When I am feeling stressed …  I do cardio and go to the gym. 

My preferred method of exercise is … 10 minutes of rowing, 10 minutes of biking, 10 minutes of stretching, and then the weights. 

The most important thing in my life is … my children. 

On a typical Saturday night, you will find me … at an outdoor restaurant on Harbor Island overlooking the water. 

My favorite music is … rock and roll.

The last time I cried …  was tears of joy watching my daughter graduate from college.

The most relaxing vacation I ever took was … going to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

I wish more lawyers would be …  professional and have the courtesy of returning phone calls.

My favorite hobby is … golf.

The happiest lawyers are those who … balance their work life, family and physical and mental well-being.

If I could travel anywhere in the world right now, it would be … a tour of France and Italy.

If I weren’t a lawyer …  I would be a boat captain.

The most important advice that I received is … that you should always be polite and honest when before a judge. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation; however, a reputation can be destroyed in a few seconds.