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Judge-Luis-Delgado headshot

Judge Luis Delgado

Judge Eleni Derke headshot

Judge Eleni Derke

Judge Jason Dimitris headshot

Judge Jason Dimitris

Judge Gary Flower headshot

Judge Gary Flower

Judge Susan Kelsey headshot

Judge Susan Kelsey

Judge Tim Osterhaus headshot

Judge Tim Osterhaus

Judge Sam Salario headshot

Judge Sam Salario

Judge F Rand Wallis headshot

Judge F. Rand Wallis


Bill Adams headshot

Bill Adams

Joseph E Ankus headshot

Joseph E. Ankus

Deborah Baker-Egozi headshot

Deborah Baker-Egozi

Michelle Bedoya Barnett  headshot

Michelle Bedoya Barnett

Thomas R. Bopp headshot

Thomas R. Bopp

Brian Burgoon headshot

Brian Burgoon

Mandi Clay headshot

Mandi Clay

Keshara Davis headshot

Keshara Davis

Bruce Denson headshot

Bruce Denson

Julia Frey headshot

Julia Frey

Amanda Gambert headshot

Amanda Gambert

Melina Garcia headshot

Melina Garcia

Margaret Good headshot

Margaret Good

Jason Gunter headshot

Jason Gunter

Stephanie Hayes headshot

Stephanie Hayes

Jennifer Juchnowicz headshot in front of window

Jennifer Juchnowicz

Rebecca Kibbe headshot

Rebecca Kibbe

Jay Kim headshot

Jay Kim

Traci Koster headshot green grass background

Traci Koster

Larry Kunin headshot

Larry Kunin

Larry Krieger for the College of Law headshot

Professor Larry Krieger

Niki Martell headshot grey background

Niki Martell

John Miller headshot

John Miller

Kevyn Noonan Hayes headshot

Kevyn Noonan Hayes

Curry Pajcic headshot

Curry Pajcic

Ron Ponzoli Headshot

Ron Ponzoli

Lauren Purdy headshot

Lauren Purdy

Wes Reede headshot

Wes Reeder

Emily Romano headshot wearing a blue activewear shirt

Emily Romano

Laura Ross headshot

Laura Ross

Bill Schifino headshot

Bill Schifino

Jeremy Scott headshot in front of american flag

Jeremy Scott

Alison Smith headshot in front of office window

Alison Smith

Michelle Suarez headshot

Michelle Suarez

Michelle Suskauer headshot

Michelle Suskauer

Allison Stocker and Katie Fackler headshot standing together

Allison Stocker & Katie Fackler

Damian C. Taylor headshot

Damian C. Taylor

Ethan Wall headshot

Ethan Wall

Jeff Wilcox headshot

Jeff Wilcox