Wellness-Related Member Benefits

The Florida Bar takes lawyers health & wellness initiatives very seriously and that is why they are currently developing relevant programs and initiatives that benefit our members. As these programs become available, we’ll be sure to add them to this resource page.

Florida Lawyers Helpline

The Florida Bar mental health helpline (1-833-FL1-WELL) is a free and confidential service that connects members with professional counselors. Calls are always free. You may be referred for up to three free telehealth counseling sessions per year to help you develop strategies to overcome life’s challenges, balance priorities, and better handle both personal and professional pressures. Please note: The helpline is for Florida Bar members and is not a referral service to find a lawyer or make a complaint against a lawyer.

E-Video Counselor

Sometimes life is hard. We make it easy for you to get help. Get access to life changing counseling—anywhere you are.

eVC has helped clients nationwide get access to the best treatment available – it’s affordable and a fraction of the time requirement as traditional counseling. No more concerns about being within driving distance of a counselor to use their services. No travel, no hassles, no worries. Talk to a therapist and get the help and support you need – we fit your needs and your lifestyle!


Plan your next vacation by taking advantage of The Florida Bar’s travel discounts. Click here for special member discounts, exclusive entertainment and travel offers for hotels, theme parks and attractions, movie tickets, shows and events, water parks, rental cars, gift cards, sports, concerts and major events, and more!

Practice Resources

Let The Florida Bar help take the stress out of your practice! See below for various resources we have created to help our members get answers to career-related questions, advice from mentors, tips on how to have a successful practice, a guide to starting your own law firm, and more!

Legal Accelerator
Do you have questions about your career, but don’t know how to find the answer? We asked young lawyers to send us thousands of the questions they had during the first few years of practice, and then we had experienced lawyers video their answers. Easily searchable, find answers to your questions under the following topics: (1) Professional Development; (2) Ethics and Professionalism; (3) Substantive Legal Questions; (4) The Florida Bar; and (5) Health and Wellness. Don’t see the answer to a question you have? Submit it through the website and we will try to find someone to answer it and add to our collection.

Start My Florida Law Firm
Congratulations on your decision to start your own law firm! Let us take the guesswork out of it for you with our detailed 10-step guide, complete with checklists, how-to videos, documents, timelines and other resources to get you started.

LegalFuel: Practice Resource Center
LegalFuel connects Florida Bar members with strategic tools designed to help you fuel your law practice with increased efficiencies & profitability. We’re your go-to resource for learning how to start a new law firm or manage an existing one.  Looking for specific topics on marketing, trust accounting or technology? No problem. We’ve got you covered! Plus, we know that earning Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits is a priority for you. So, we’ve curated a library of free webinars, podcasts and more, for you to access whenever it’s most convenient for you! And, if you like to get your information on the go, then this website and its ever-evolving resource database is perfect for your busy lifestyle.

Lawyers Advising Lawyers
If you confront an issue in an area of law or procedure unfamiliar to you, the LAL program provides quick access to an attorney advisor who likely has the experience to help.  A brief consultation with a LAL attorney advisor should assist you in deciding the best approach for resolving the legal issue you are confronting. Please note that the program is designed to supplement, rather than act as a substitute for the exercise of independent judgment by the attorney seeking assistance.