The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division (YLD) promotes inclusion and equality in the legal profession by facilitating and sponsoring events, programs, and leadership opportunities that promote inclusion and equality for lawyers and law students and ensuring that all YLD programming reflects the diversity of the profession and community at large.

Learn More Jihan "Gigi' Soliman “We do need an image of everyone because we are trying to serve everyone.” Throughout the years, Gigi contemplated how to reconcile her true identity with what society expected of her. Learn about Gigi’s journey to self-love and how embracing her gender expression benefited her and the legal profession. Learn More
Onchantho Am "When you have so many different perspectives, it begs the question—what is right?” After going through the foster care system and embracing education, Onchantho chose law as her career. Learn how her diverse background shaped her into a better advocate”
Matletha Bennette "This was an entirely different world for me; an entirely different realm.” The daughter of a migrant worker, Matletha was the first in her family to attend law school. Learn about the growth she experienced in overcoming obstacles and why diversity is an asset in her position in the legislature. Learn More Learn More Dion Bass "When you talk about diversity and inclusion, the diversity part is the people; the inclusion is the attitude that the institution has.” After serving in the United States Air Force, Dion became inspired to be a lawyer. Learn how his diversity propelled his career and the law firm that hired him to new heights. Learn More Tricia-Gaye Cotterell “I am constantly maneuvering this tension.” After dreaming of becoming a lawyer, Tricia-Gaye set an example for her daughters and made law her second career. Learn about her journey to manage the demands of our profession and how her diverse background shaped her into becoming a successful lawyer.

The #YLDisMe campaign seeks to highlight successful attorneys from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, physical appearances, and physical abilities. The goal of #YLDisMe is to reshape the image of what an attorney “should” look like in the eyes of YLD members, The Florida Bar, and the public. Throughout the year the YLD will feature social media posts and video testimonials by YLD members from various under-represented groups, as well as diversity and inclusion webinars. We invite you to share your story and events promoting inclusion and equality on social media using the hashtag #YLDisMe.

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