Ave Maria Law School



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Ave Maria Law School


Kristina Del Vecchio
Assistant Director, Student Engagement
Ave Maria School of Law
Naples, Florida
Brian Zingaretti
Juris Doctor Candidate 2023
Ave Maria School of Law
Naples, Florida

About Us

Ave Maria School of Law is a Catholic law school dedicated to educating lawyers with the finest professional skills. Inspired by Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et Ratio, Ave Maria Law offers a distinctive legal education — an education characterized by the harmony of faith and reason. Formed by outstanding professional training and a distinctive educational philosophy, Ave Maria Law’s graduates are equipped for leading positions in law firms, corporate legal offices, the judiciary, and national, state and local government.

Ave Maria Law offers an outstanding legal education in fidelity to the Catholic faith. We affirm Catholic legal education’s traditional emphasis on the only secure foundation for human freedom — the natural law written on the heart of every human being. We uphold the need for society to rediscover those human and moral truths that flow from the nature of the human person and that safeguard human freedom.


Naples, FL 34119