University of Miami School of Law



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University of Miami School of Law


Isabelle Carbajales
JD Candidate 2023
Miraal Chhelavda
JD Candidate 2022

About Us

University of Miami School of Law

The Law School has three fundamental missions:

  • To foster the intellectual discipline, creativity, and critical skills that will prepare its graduates for the highest standards of professional competence in the practice of law in a global environment subject to continual ― and not always predictable ― transformation. The Law School seeks to achieve this mission through a rich and demanding curriculum, instruction in legal research and writing, a wide variety of opportunities for professional skills training, and support for its students and alumni in planning and achieving rewarding professional careers.
  • To cultivate a broad range of legal and interdisciplinary scholarship that, working at the cutting edge of its field, enhances the development of law and legal doctrine, and deepens society’s understanding of law and its role in society. The Law School seeks to achieve this mission through support for a wide range of research, writing, and other scholarly activities, and through maintenance and continued improvement of a law library suited to the demands of an excellent research institution.
  • To fulfill the legal profession’s historic duty to promote the interests of justice. The Law School seeks to achieve this mission by pursuing its educational and scholarly aims in the context of a diverse faculty and student body; by enhancing representation in the national and local bar of communities that have historically been disadvantaged for reasons such as race, ethnicity, disability, culture, or economic status; and by instilling in its graduates rigorous professional ethics.

The three missions are closely related to one another. The faculty’s scholarship and teaching inform one another, and the Law School’s commitment to justice invigorates both.


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