Mentoring with the Masters video series.


We’re very excited to introduce you to the YLD’s Mentoring with the Masters video series. The YLD enlisted the help of Bar leaders and experts in filming a variety of targeted videos aimed at helping young lawyers in the formative years of their practice.

Too often, attorneys do not have a person to turn to when they need help. The Mentoring with the Masters video series will help bridge the gap between law school and practice. Each video addresses a different topic area that contains helpful hints, tricks and practical information that every lawyer needs to know to have a successful career.

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Mentoring Matters

Looking to Participate in a Mentoring Program in Your Area?

The Young Lawyers Division is committed to encouraging lawyers to participate in mentoring programs at the local level. Currently, mentoring programs are established voluntarily by local bar associations, Inns of Court, etc.

The YLD’s Transition to Practice (T2P) committee is tasked with educating young lawyers about mentoring programs and in encouraging state-wide mentoring programs.

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