#StigmaFreeYLD Resources

Florida Lawyers Assistance logo with the letters F, L, and A capitalized with a blue/teal color scheme.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, depression, mental health or some other issue, Florida Lawyers Assistance can help. If you are practicing out of state, contact the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs.

FLAYLD Mental Health America logo, it has a decorative bell with an orange swoosh element and the rest of the logo is blue

Mental Health America’s website will allow you to take an online screening in Spanish/English to help identify if you are experiencing any number of issues (bipolar, depression, anxiety, work health, etc.) and then can provide a local referral based off your responses.

FLAYLD American Bar Association logo, the letters A, B and A in blue

The American Bar Association (ABA) website provides a national resource database for websites/phone numbers of organizations that can assist with suicide prevention, chemical dependency, compulsive gambling, family support, mental health and more.

FLAYLD National Alliance on Mental Illness logo, says NAMI with a circle decoration. The entire logo is a dark blue

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website can help in assisting specific population segments (LGBTQ, parents, disaster/emergency resources, etc.) who are living with mental illness or can help you find a local NAMI chapter near you.

FLAYLD American Counseling Association logo, it is a blue circle decorative element with the title underneath it. The entire logo is a dark blue.

The American Counseling Association’s website can help you find resources about what different counseling services exist, as well as linking you to resources in your area for specific topics such as group counseling, marriage counseling, children/teens, etc.

FLAYLD Psychology Today logo with blue letters on top with small black letters that say "For a healthier life" underneath the title in black.

Psychology Today’s website helps in finding tests and assessments for hundreds of disorders. You can also find a therapist in your area by specialty, zip code, insurance provider and many other search criteria.

The site also includes pyschoeducation on hundreds of mental health topics, such as “What is Autism?” or “Dealing with Burnout,” depression, anxiety, alcoholism, post-partum depression and more, all searchable by topic in alphabetical order.