#StigmaFreeYLD – Ron Ponzoli

Ron Ponzoli sitting in orange kayak on water

Ron’s Story

Eighteen years into my legal carrier I was a shareholder in a law firm, I had a great marriage, two loving boys, a loyal puppy, and I exercised daily. Despite all the blessings in my life, I was consistently unhappy.  My mental state ranged from sadness, to anger, to irrational fears. One day, sitting in my conference room with a law partner, I started to cry uncontrollably. I knew then something was very wrong with my emotions. I sought professional help from a psychiatrist and a therapist. As it turned out, I was  suffering from depression and anxiety.  Every part of my life was impacted by my emotional struggles.  Now that I am healthy, I am living my best life.

How Ron Got Help

Once I hit emotional crisis, I knew I needed professional help.  I immersed myself in therapy with a psychologist, while simultaneously treating with a psychiatrist.  Presently, I take medication to manage my serotonin, and I continue to treat with my therapist. I have also incorporated yoga and meditation into my life; both are great ways to help calm the mind and the body.  I also spend time in nature on my kayak.  Being outdoors grounds me and helps me unplug from the demands of the practice of law.

I also believe yoga and meditation are great ways to help calm the mind and the body.  I incorporate yoga into my morning exercise routines, and practice Buddhist breathing meditation in the evening.

To learn more about how meditation can improve your life, check out this free CLE on meditation for lawyers:

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Ron is a shareholder at GrayRobinson in the firm’s West Palm Beach office where he chairs the Religious Organizations practice group. He is an elected member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, a past president of the North County Section of the Palm Beach County Bar Association, and a past chair of the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Professionalism Committee.

Ron Ponzoli and wife