The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division is committed to providing resources to its membership to assist them in navigating the constantly evolving technology integral to the practice of law.  The Division invites you to use the compiled links and other resources in the pages that follow and to bookmark the pages for future reference.

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E-Discovery & Computer Assisted Review

In litigation, the vast majority of discovery undertaken can be considered electronic discovery, whether practitioners recognize it as such or not.  From updates on the latest continuing education materials, to information on cutting edge and tried and true technology, to discussions on the ethics of E-Discovery, these resources aim to aid the lawyer in navigating the complex and sometimes cumbersome world of E-Discovery.

+ Products & Services
+ Articles, Blogs & Resources
+ Education & Training
+ Legal & Ethical Issues
+ Organizations, Projects & Centers

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Courtroom Technology

Technology for the courtroom is constantly evolving. Most Florida courts provide attorneys with excellent technological support. Learn more about the technology available, and the rules of your Circuit or District here.

+ General Courtroom Technology Guidance
+ Courtroom Technology by Jurisdiction
+ Products & Services
+ Education & Training

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Law Practice Management

Stay on-trend with information on the newest software and hardware, as well as links to tips and tricks for managing your law practice in the technological age.

+ Directories & Buyers’ Guides for Law Practice Management Software
+ Resources for Law Practice Management & Technology
+ Articles & Blogs
+ Technology Based Ethics Issues

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Social Media & Marketing

The social media landscape is quickly changing. Stay informed with continuing education materials, articles, and other resources to better understand how to ethically use social media to enhance your practice.

+ Social Media Basics
+ Social Media & Marketing
+ The Florida Bar Social Media Policies & Ethical Issues
+ Social Media in Litigation