YLD Webinars

The Florida Bar YLD hosts free webinars on various topics of interest to young lawyers as a benefit to its members. These webinars are hosted live by distinguished speakers and are intended for a live viewing audience. Due to popular demand, certain webinars are archived and available here for download.

Previous Webinars

8461 – Nuts & Bolts of Guardianship

The Corporate Transparency Act

Mediator’s Roadmap: Skills for Any Practice of Law

A Discussion on the State of Professionalism with the Florida Supreme Court

Entity Choice

Nuts & Bolts of Family Law

Emergency Suspension and Restriction Order in Administrative Licensure Disciplinary Proceedings

Hot Topics in Employment Law: Cannabis and Non-Competes

Land Use and Environmental Issues

Estate and Special Needs Planning for Aging and Disability

Animal Law and How It Affects All Life

A.I. and Ethics

8115 – Legislative Updates – Business Law, Employment Law, Real Estate, Tort Reform

8118 – Florida Sunshine Law & Public Records

8119 – Criminal Scoresheets

8120 – Cybersecurity and the Practice of Law

8121 – Legislative Updates – Elder Law, Estate Planning, Family Law

8122 – Originating Business, Marketing, Advertising

8124 – Advising Governmental Agencies

8125 – The Art of Jury Selection

8126 – E-Discovery

8127 – How to Avoid Florida’s Lawyer Discipline System Presented by the Florida Bar President

8128 – Trust Accounting – Presented by The Florida Bar

8129 – Practice Series Webinar – Nuts and Bolts of Business Litigation

8132 – Pros and Cons of AI Audio

8133 – A Professionalism Discussion with the Florida Supreme Court

8135 – Lunch and Learn with the Judiciary (Civil)

8136 – Lunch and Learn with the Judiciary (Appellate)

8137 – Lunch and Learn with the Judiciary (Criminal)

8139 – Mediation Overview and Tactic

8141 – The Role of a Voluntary Bar Association in a Young Lawyers Career

8143 – Fashioning a Plea Offer

8144 – Lawyer Wellness & Substance Abuse

8173 – Professionalism and Mental Health in the Family Law Context

8197 – A Guide to Networking and Navigating the Practice of Law in a New Place

Nuts & Bolts of Billing: How to Ethically and Effectively Bill Your Clients

Nuts & Bolts of Civil Litigation: Navigating a Personal Injury Case from the Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives

Nuts & Bolts of Family Law: Breaking up is hard to do. The Legal steps to ending the relationship.

Navigating the Shift: Unpacking Florida’s Tort Reform for Young Lawyers

#YLDMoneyTalk Series: Shift Your Money Mindset

#YLDMoneyTalk Series: Financial Planning – Q&A with a Financial Planner

#YLDMoneyTalk Series: Student Loan Update: Planning Your Next Play in Light of the Department of Ed’s Recent Moves

Elevating Your Career in 2022: Tips to Make Yourself More Marketable and to Negotiate the Best Position, Salary and Intangible Perks

What’s New with Public Service Loan Forgiveness and How to Get Your Loans Forgiven!

Ten Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me 30 Years Ago: A Short Talk for the Long Road

Great Minds Think Differently: A Discussion on Neurodiversity in the Legal Profession

2021 Fourth and Fifth Amendment Update: Cryptocurrency, Cell Phones, and Other “Hot” Search & Seizure Issues

Be Happy By Choice

Getting Your Financial House in Order

Helping Tenants Avoid Eviction During COVID-19: Overview of Moratoriums and How Pro Bono Attorneys Can Have a Lasting Impact

Coming Together to Honor and Remember Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

COVID-19 and Return to Work: What Employers and Employees Need to Know

Confronting and Mitigating Unconscious and Explicit Bias in the Legal Profession

2020 Fourth and Fifth Amendment Update – Cell Phone, Computer & Email Searches and Seizures

The Adaptable Attorney: Understanding and Using Digital Signatures

The Adaptable Attorney: How to Run a Successful Zoom Meeting

The Adaptable Attorney: Selecting the Right Remote Meeting & Collaboration Tools

The Adaptable Lawyer: Working from Home

2019 YLD Summit on Young Government Lawyers

Stress, Burnout…and Humble Pie

Financial Wellness

Spirituality for Lawyers: A Game Plan for a Profession that is Silently Suffering

The Real Fight: Achieving Mental Awareness Through Training

Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in the Lives of Lawyers

Stress and Your Health: 5 Steps to Achieve Bodymind Fitness

Practicing Law and Good Mental Health: You Can Have Both

Fourth and Fifth Amendment Update: Cell Phone, Computer and Email Searches and Seizures of Your Life – 2019

Achieving Mental Wellness Through Social Connections

Sleep Health

Meditation for Lawyers

Set Your Mind to Success: 10 Essential Ways of Thinking to Catapult Your Career & Well-Being

Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Your Success in Business and in Life

10 Common “Thinking Errors” – Get Out of Your Head and on with Your Day

Stress, Mental Health & Chemical Dependency in the Legal Profession

Mindfulness & Lawyer Well-Being: Insights and Tips for Practice

Bankruptcy 101: Bankruptcy Basics for Non-Bankruptcy Practitioners

Personal Energy Management for Lawyers

Beyond Balance: Strategies for Professional & Personal Well-Being

Pathways to Leadership in the Community & Private Sector

Female Lawyers Can Talk, Too: Strategies for Getting into the Courtroom

Who Let the Wild Things Out!?!

Preserving Error in Trial…It has Great Appeal

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria: National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – Overview & Claims Handling

Ethics, Originations & Marketing

Exiting Law Firms with Clients in Tow: Legal & Ethical Issues

2017 Government Symposium

4th & 5th Amendment Update: Cell Phone, Computer & Email Searches of Your Life

Guide to a Satisfying Law Practice Through Mindfulness & Meditation

Effective Telephone Negotiations: Before, During and After Mediation

Shared Parental Responsibility – The Path to Workplace Equity

Demystifying Administrative Law

The Pros of Pro Bono!

Legal Information Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

10 Tips to Help Attorneys Understand & Ethically Adapt to the Changing Legal Landscape

How Busy Lawyers Can Practice Mindfulness to Reduce Stress in Their Lives

How Lawyers Can Take Care of Their Mind and Body for Optimal Performance

How Does “Thinking Like a Lawyer” Affect Stress?

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