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The Florida Bar YLD’s Health & Wellness Month #livewell

The practice of law is a wonderfully rewarding profession because we, as lawyers, have the power to change our clients’ lives.  Shouldering that responsibility can take a toll on us physically and mentally.   For that reason, it is incredibly important for lawyers to obtain a sense of balance in their lives and achieve wellness.  And if we encounter struggles along the way, it is important we know where to find help.

This May marks the YLD’s fourth annual “Health & Wellness Month.”  This initiative is designed to bring awareness to mental and physical issues that affect the quality of life of lawyers in Florida.  Previously, we started a conversation about the importance of mental and physical health as a critical part of a young lawyer’s practice.  This year, we need you to join us in expanding that dialogue.

We encourage you to participate in our daily challenges, and ask that you use the hashtags #livewell and #flayld when you share your stories and your Affiliate’s events on social media.  We want this conversation to trend online so that we can shed light on this important issue, and improve the lives of young lawyers throughout our state.

Most importantly, this conversation must endure beyond the month of May.   We, as a profession, must continue to pursue wellness for ourselves so that we can be strong advocates for our clients, and work to support our colleagues who may be struggling.  Our clients are depending on it.  

Here are some ways you can #livewell during Health & Wellness Month:

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Daily Challenges

The YLD will be issuing challenges all month long, spreading health and wellness information and ideas via our blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Test yourself, and enlist your friends and co-workers to make health and wellness a part of the daily routine.

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Wellness Webinars

The YLD will be hosting live webinars throughout the month. The webinars are FREE, will earn CLE credit.

View Health & Wellness Video Series


Affiliate Grants

The YLD is not only encouraging Affiliates to engage in activities designed to promote health and wellness, but is also offering grants to help make those activities happen. Affiliates desiring to host or conduct wellness related events can apply for grants now through February 16, 2018. Applications for the grants will be sent directly to the affiliates and can be accessed below.

+ Download Grant Application


Affiliate Video Contest

This year’s wellness month will again feature the wellness month video contest.  The YLD wants to again showcase how Affiliates make Health & Wellness Month come to life, and is searching for the most creative and original YouTube video highlighting Affiliate a Health & Wellness Month event or events.  Here’s how to enter:

  • Step 1 – Host a Health & Wellness Month event and make a video!
  • Step 2 – Upload your video to YouTube, send us a link, and the YLD will share the video on our social media outlets.  Send the link to your video to before May 31st!
  • Step 3 – Collect as many “likes” as you can!

The YLD will share all YouTube video submissions on its different social media platforms and all YLD members across the State can like, retweet, or share their favorite video.  The winning Affiliate will be chosen based on a combination of social media “love” and judging by the YLD Communications and Quality of Life Committees.

We are excited to see how your affiliate is promoting May as Health & Wellness Month!



If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, depression, mental health or some other issue, Florida Lawyers Assistance is available to help. Check out FLA’s brochure here:

If you are practicing out of state, please use this link to find your state’s Lawyers Assistance