Health & Wellness Video Series

The YLD hosts live webinars throughout the year, and many happen during the month of May. The webinars are FREE and will help you to earn CLE credits*.

Unless otherwise noted.

Be Happy By Choice

The Adaptable Attorney: Understanding and Using Digital Signatures

The Adaptable Attorney: How to Run a Successful Zoom Meeting

The Adaptable Attorney: Selecting the Right Remote Meeting & Collaboration Tools

The Adaptable Lawyer: Working from Home

Stress, Burnout…and Humble Pie

Spirituality for Lawyers: A Game Plan for a Profession that is Silently Suffering

The Real Fight: Achieving Mental Awareness Through Training

Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in the Lives of Lawyers

Stress and Your Health: 5 Steps to Achieve Bodymind Fitness

Practicing Law and Good Mental Health: You Can Have Both

Achieving Mental Wellness Through Social Connections

Sleep Health

Meditation for Lawyers

Set Your Mind to Success: 10 Essential Ways of Thinking to Catapult Your Career & Well-Being

Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Your Success in Business and in Life

10 Common “Thinking Errors” – Get Out of Your Head and on with Your Day

Stress, Mental Health & Chemical Dependency in the Legal Profession

Mindfulness & Lawyer Well-Being: Insights and Tips for Practice

Personal Energy Management for Lawyers